Types of Fun

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by Man's need to escape. We want to add vodka to the orange juice, cocaine to the mix, or salt on our avo. We just can't accept What Is. 

One person explained to me that once or twice a year it is necessary that he request his merchant provide him with a gram of cocaine, just to take the boredom from life. A fellow conversant concurred, yes there is this existential boredom - the big "Is This All There Is?"

When I offered that a person should just eat more fruit, they replied in the clever way of people who aren't so simplistic that that won't help. And yet it is the experience of rawbies who do walk this path that the more alkaline the blood, the more interesting life becomes. One's purpose becomes revealed, one's uniqueness the most important thing because that is the primary tool provided to do the unique task we are here to do. Questioning life's purpose or meaning is for the blind, deaf and dumb who can't perceive the magic inherent in everything around us.

A gram of cocaine is thus not only irrelevant but completely the wrong direction. Its for people who don't know how amazing "amazing" can be. Similarly, people use alcohol to enjoy themselves seldom notice how negative they become with its use. These 'highs' are false summits and glass ceilings. We will never know what it is to be well and truly high while there is alcohol in the system. We are well and truly high when What Is is always thrilling, even if it is just breathing.

The experience is constant, from waking til sleeping, and continues on in one's conscious dreams. It is the true state of Man, attainable only through alkalinity, which is derived either by taking an alkaloid (cocaine, coffee, marijuana, most drugs) or by alkalising the blood by eating fruits and vegetables. Then the Holy Spirit can work in us and life really starts to be interesting.

The trick is to get spectacularly high for free, safely, naturally, and permanently. Its a hard path but the reward is worth it.