Orange Juice Day 2

How amazing that Orange juice addresses hunger. I was deeply desirous of something to eat, but chomping through a few small glasses of Orange juice left me completely satisfied. I awoke in the early hours and could feel that I am totally empty, but not hungry. Now when I feel like eating I drink juice, holding it in my mouth for as long as possible until it is all warm and diluted with saliva, swishing it and appreciating it before finally swallowing. If I drink too quickly my tum feels acidic, and keeping it in my mouth longer definitely means I need less of it before the appetite closes. 

Yesterday I went through a sack of Oranges, by the end of today it will be about one and a half. A sack of Oranges equals about 2 litres of juice, and about a thousand calories. I despise calorie counting because without adequate chewing and insalivation of one's food its anyone's guess how much of the actual nutrient is assimilated into the body and how much of it is assimilated into the loo! If I end up going through two sacks of Oranges a day I'll still be okay with that. The price is currently ranging between ten and fifteen bucks - South African bucks, Rands.

This afternoon I had a pinch of peri peri powder in my juice. My brother (in-law) had been doing some hard work, as he walked past he availed himself of my cup and with glee I watched him for the peri peri impact. "Whew" he said, cool as a cucumber.. but as he walked away I saw him wipe his brow :). I'll keep adding spices to my juice when the the mood grabs me.

I've taken a bit of time to get inspired and read through Fruitbat Anne's Orange Juice Diaries -
Thank you so much Anne for diarising your experience, reading about how simple your life became, how you felt no desire to eat anything else, your vision improved and you felt like singing all the time - these things motivate me even more. Altogether Anne lost almost ten kg, and would certainly have carried on with the juice but because of pressure regarding her weight loss - she never dipped below 40kg - she went back onto mixed fruit. 

I have heard, and want to experience, that when fully detoxed the weight loss stops, plateaus at the bottom most weight, and then rises while still on the same regime. That is what happened with Essie, she went down to 33kg before plateauing and then rising. I'm too afraid to post any of the pics of me at 35 and 36kg, Grapes are surely the most detoxing mono diet of any. 

Here's Anne on day 55 of Oranges :

and for the record, here's me, today, at almost 49kg: