Juice Feast now!

break fast
As funds amassed my old Avocado indulgence did too. Its not eating Avo that's a problem, but in stopping eating it. At the beginning of the fruit, the first bite has a good taste but by the last its boring. Especially the end of the second or third Avo. The only way to cure this boring flavour is to nibble on a piece of onion, garlic or a tomato. Worse, Avo and salt may seem very innocent iin some regimes but in my experience salt is an electric conduit connected to desires for other salty, dead substances. It awakens something else.

Thus one leaves the sacred domain of Fruitarianism and hangs about on the bridge outside, which takes traffic in both directions. 

I want to step back from these complications, and this old behaviour which is more about a habit than it is about Avocado.  I must seek simplicity, and come back to what it is that I want from food. At this time, coincidentally, YouTube star Dan MacDonald is on a juice fast and its hard not to feel inspired by him. Dan and I seem to be into raw for similar reasons, of course there is a lot physically to get healed from but the mental and spiritual benefits of raw food make life so much richer, fun and fulfilling. I once had a good time with friends over a bottle of alcohol but because I have experienced much higher highs those types of fun aren't that fun anymore, they are too close to the mud and not close enough to the stars.

I don't even believe in Reincarnation as I once did because after fasting, doing the Grape Cure and living raw for some time my mind became so completely still, my heart open and without attachment, that I could only conclude that Man is already enlightened, a finished product. 

Why would anyone give up such a state? Indeed, Why? Because none of our friends or relatives are in it, they need stimulants to make life interesting, and company to take their stimulants with. And every so often we accompany them in their habits. The person I jumped off my mountain to accompany was very close to me emotionally and in my physical environment, and habits are definitely catchy.

Now that I am on my own I have turned back to the Holy path of detoxification. Inspired by Dan MacDonald's juice fasting video and the abundance of ripe Oranges in the South African winter the answer seams cheap, easy and obvious. Today is my niece's birthday and I'm making fruit salad with date cream and crushed dried banana on top as the treat, but tomorrow I am doing Dr Hulda Clark's very famous Liver Flush, and from Thursday will start on Orange juice.

The flush is a good way to start the Juice Feast, which I will continue on until I feel the need to stop. Many obstacles and rewards will come my way in these weeks. The greatest test is to lose weight, my being skinny really upsets my mother and then she in turn upsets me.

Hallelujah, to be on the path again!