Descent into Madness

Fruitarian vs Raw

The difference between Fruitarianism and Raw Eating is the difference between whole and altered food. 

By 'altered' is meant that a new flavour has been created by the combination of others or the application of heat. The most whole, palatable, unaltared food on Earth is a fruit or leaf.

Each fruit has its own glow, its own frequency. The more it is chopped, broken up and mixed with other frequencies the more its potency is reduced. 

At the end of a Grape Cure, on that first day of even adding just a Vygie to the menu changes the very clear, bright high. The greater the mix, the more the mundanity sets in. 

The motivations for accepting Whole food are different from those of wanting to alter it, its a different game and some of the rewards are in a different realm.

There are other finickity rules about Fruitarianism, one of them is the insistence of eating fruits in their seasons. I'm not sure if eating only twice a day was part of it or just Essie and Cosmo's rules. 

But Fruitarianism is far more interesting than appears on the face of it. It addresses motives for eating, and many other aspects of eating besides. 

And who knows, with its 12 month "recipe" as it passes through the seasons, it could be the key to our eating from the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden. 


Check this vid from John Kholer where he talks about processed foods

Will Power vs Want Power

Will Power is for people who aren't altogether convinced that what they are doing is what they want to do. Like studying for an exam when the subject doesn't interest you. Or eating fruit instead of pizza.

Will Power is for when you actually want something else from your stated aim. Then you need to blow in with full force, bark orders and make it the stated aim happen, somehow, anyhow. 

Say I want to eat a pizza, but am trying to be a Fruitarian. The hours until I am out of range of throwing caution to the the wind and consummating my desire will be absolute torture.

However, say I want to be a Fruitarian, I want to be a Fruitarian or die, to be a Fruitarian and see on my body, heart and soul that I have become a Fruitarian. Say I want to love fruit in an open and public manner that will make people sit up and say "hey, there must be something really groovy to this sweet, innocent looking stuff", I want to love fruit so much that my loving it makes fruit trees pop up wherever I go. Then a few cravings for anything outside of fruit are met by focussing on what it is I do really want, and never ever using the love word for anything I want to move away from.

"I'd eat pizza as soon as I'd get drunk and lie on the pavement" - Don't hold back from being totally honest about old habits. Sneer even.

It is not in what we do eat but what we don't eat that will make us into what we want to be. 

Every moment of resisting temptation makes me a Fruitarian, not the moments of eating fruit, because even fast food junkies eat fruit now and then.

Imagine that you are on a carriage pulled by powerful horses and steered by your heart. Not your brain, or your stated aims, this carriage will take you to where your heart is. Now be very, very careful of what you feel in that heart, because you will go there.

The book to read to really drive this home is William Walker Atkinson's Thought Vibration. Every word of this book could be written in gold and should have been taught to us in school. Being more than a hundred years old, Thought Vibration is in the Public Domain and available for free download here, or here, or here. For anyone struggling with themselves, its a must.

Truth or Dare

I am thinking how to raise funds for the Orchard, and the first idea that springs to mind is to hold a Truth Or Dare party for people of really advanced age.

We could hold the party on the ground itself, with a speaker's mat and a microphone, everybody brings their well behaved dogs, children and picnic blankets. Close to the home entrance because I'm guessing people will need loos. 

To nominate an oldie or volunteer ones old self to take the mike and answer a thrilling list of Truth or Dare Questions could be.. say fifty bucks.

At any question they would rather not answer they can either dance, or sing something.

Sample Questions could be:

- did you ever see a UFO, or a Ghost?

- do you think the sun is an hollow electric filament, or a collapsing burning furnace?

- What do you think happens when people die?

- Will you make one hundred?

- Where and when were your favourite fruit trees planted?

- Which is your favourite kind of tree being planted right now?

I will add to this list as I think of other revealing questions to ask octogenarians.

Hopefully there will be a really hot list from the crowd, as well. 

The Moaning Whinies

Life is not "but a dream" and even though to the onlooker I might be "cruising" I can guarantee you that inside this skin its a constant battle. I have just endured hours of moaning, begging and nagging - for a nibble of cheese, or a slice of toast. "Just the one..", what a trick. 

With all the years of experience I have behind me, I know by now that if I am being helped then to ride that wave as long and far as possible. Never, ever say "I'm going off for a quick diversion, will be back.. " because there may be no coming back. I'm being helped now, and to take a single step to undo the victories gained thus far would be madness. After all, what is life all about? Is there any meaning or purpose? Tomorrow would be awful.

And so I sit and work, all the while with this chat - and its more to get rid of the chat than indulge the sensations that people probably give in. That relentless whining and urging. I find it amazing that I can just do nothing, delay that moment of responding to it. Doing nothing about the urge is safe. I watch myself doing nothing, and know that I survived yesterday by doing nothing. Keep busy and do not respond to commands from fungal interiors. Breathing is a kind of eating, too, while doing nothing.

And when there must be something and I've already eaten there are unlimited Oranges. The suggestion of the breadbin or fridge keeps coming up... Oranges. Same question again... Oranges.  Again. Regular and insistant yet every one almost catches me off guard.Then after a few hours of this I look back, wave passed and still safe. Tomorrow my head won't be in my hands.

This is how it must be in a sexually charged situation and not giving in to the tremendous sensation invitation. The word is Endurance. Every moment just keeps filling up your honour cup. Enduring and breathing.

I know I can and must sit tight through the moaning whinies of these cheese and bread luvvin' moulds - there is tomorrow to look forward to, and so much more besides.

This poor young lad has got himself chained to the devil's throne. 
Yet all he has to do is raise the chain over his head and go, but he doesn't - he looks inside as if controlled by something there. And there is, it is even growing out of his head.

Essie Today

Essie followers must wonder what exactly she, at 89 years old, eats today.

Vegetable soup put through the "klitser", and a peanut butter sandwich. In 1997 when Essie moved into the ouertehuis (oldies home) she decided not to interfere with the system in the home, and partakes of what is provided, pushing aside the meat. That is why, after 3 spoons of some milk tart she had said to me "I wouldn't have touched this ten years ago". Now she is happy to relax into old age and then "sleep it off".

But make no mistake, Essie Valkenberg De-Villiers Dreyer was a Fruitarian of the highest order for 15 years, not only eating fruit directly from trees in their season, whole single pieces at a time but also.. now gasp in awe because Essie and Cosmo ate only twice a day.

This impressive feat is something that we snackers should really respect, to work up a proper hunger so that eating - and eating properly as detailed above - is an orgasmic experience. They had such fun, she says.

But for most of her 14 years as Mrs Valkenberg De-Villiers Dreyer Essie was alone, rejected and often ridiculed. 3 years into the journey her husband, companion and pillar of strength had all of a sudden fallen, hit his head and died. She worked as a nurse and a teacher and tried to attract scientific attention to her way of life.

Taking nervous strain because of the gap between herself and her fellow man Essie developed stomach complaints, for which doctors could find no cause. They pronounced her to be fit and super healthy. 

With relief Essie attempted to return to normal life after fulfilling her promise to Cosmo - namely, to wait til science recognised the fruit diet. After the long wait, she found she was severely disappointed in the flavour of cooked food, and it made her feel awful, and then she had to do dishes! So with a smile she said I'll stay on fruit!

Marrying funny man "Ochse" Honiball and the scientific tests occurred within the same couple of years and both her marriage and the new fame meant she could survive by teaching and nursing in a different way - fruit was her work and she corresponded, encouraged and authored a wealth of literature. Her published works were like the present day internet, giving a voice to so many people's experiences.

But in those dreaded social occasions she ate cooked food, and coupled with the stress of feeling like she was giving off the wrong picture while writing and giving talks on fruit, and her husband being ill in hospital, her anxious stomach gave opportunity to a duodenal ulcer.

For people who don't know about ulcers they are a type of mould, and moulds feed especially on non living substances - cooked food. They are very keyed into our emotional states. This wasn't known then. After the ulcer healed - by medication I am sure - it left scar tissue over the ileocaecal valve, which then was removed by surgery.

The situation that followed is important to understand. The doctors said that the stomach pains that created a weakness for the ulcer to develop were psychosomatic, caused by her stress from living separately from her fellow man.

So herself and her husband, Thomas "Ochse" Honiball remained on a high fruit compromise diet and also ate what was required by society, walking in both worlds - with good results for Ochse as his newfound good health raised comments all around, and his heart complaints cheered up. He died at age 85 in 1990.

As one ages the fight goes out of one, and when she entered the old age home Essie decided to just relax, and honour their ways.

She eats very little, but in her kitchen are jams and peanut butter. She did enjoy croissants but lately is forgoing "all the white", white bread, white sugar because of the dizzy spells, or light head that she gets.

She would love to return to her beloved Fruitarianism, but feels she needs a pillar to hold onto, to have the strength to make the change, someone very firm, like Cosmo. 

Essie is very clear about the Royal Way. She knows the fruit aspect through and through but has for so long been intrigued about the healing properties of the leaves of the fruit trees, described in the Revelation as being for the healing of the nations. She says that Man is destined to return to true Fruitarianism as its the only thing that works, and it will happen gradually by a process of elimination, choosing that which doesn't hurt us. She says it is our Destiny. I can't think of better news.

The Trees of Life

View from top floor of Huis Lettie Theron, Hermanus

Visiting Essie yesterday we had opportunity to discuss the ownership of the land directly in front of the oldies home, Huis Lettie Theron. Essie says it is owned by 3 churches, and  I really wish I knew which ones. I would like to request of them to go ahead with a project that has come to mind - to raise the funds and plant a small Orchard of about a dozen fruit trees and some trellises for the vines, all around the periphery of the park. Then when the church(es) are built the trees will already be there. Essie said that people would then be able to experience the blossoms, and that each fruit would only be available in its season. I can tell she likes the idea a lot, its right up her street.

It would take a fair bit of planning, and perhaps even require the co operation of the houses that border on it to tend the trees over high summers until they establish in the water table.

And then we would have to think which trees. And being reasonable, this is the Western Cape. No Avo's or Bananas. Autumn would have apples, lemons, pears and pomegranites, then Winter would have Guavas, Almonds and Loquats, Spring is mulberry.. and maybe other berries like the butter berry bush, and over the Summer time it would be apricot, peaches, nectarines, grapes and granadillas. And Figs.

And we'd have to get some funding. it could be a lot of fun to raise - especially seeing as Essie will be 90 next birthday - and then we can make her vision of the Tree of Life come true right there in front of her eyes, in the piece of ground outside her window.

So the next step is to find the owners of the land.

OJ Rocks

Serving Orange juice to people is exactly what I want to be doing with my life. It goes perfectly with the season of the fruit, the front page of the most recent Vygie Street Journal, the price per sack, and - amazingly - the packaging. Packaging is the bane of any food handler. To get around recurring cost and transportability issues we are selling ours in 100ml shots for R2, and people sometimes stand there and then and drink it, or go sit on the grass in the sun and drink it at their leisure. I rinse the glass in a bucket of clean water, dry it with a drying cloth and put it in a row with 5 others. You can see the "packaging" to the far right in the  above paparazzi shot, its that cute little pint glass. On the first day I turned a R10 sack into about two dozen R2 glasses. That was tripling the outlay and doubling the fun. Viva Oranges!

Vygie Street Journal May 2013

The Vygie Street for May is out, in June and the evidence is that there is a picture from a June event on the front page.

This issue features one of the World's most favourite fruits, the Orange, and gives the Lemm's corner market a bit of a spin as we try to up the vibe and create a scene right in the middle of town - on Sundays especially as that has potential for an alternative day out.

The "Good News" article is that we can be free if we want, the Book Review: the Masterpiece of a Man Who Disappeared, and the Leaf this month is Eucalyptus because everyone is getting colds.

Future fruit is waiting in the local Nurseries and tells the public which trees are available where for immediate afforestation of the Earth back into what it once was.

This issue also features an exciting invite to a Break Fast In White event. Break Fast can be any time of the day, so long as it is the meal in which one's fast is broken. Everyone would wear white and bring either fruits/veggies or a concoction of some sort made of many fruits/veggies, usually called a salad.

Now that the herald has gone out, lets see what comes back to us.

The Price of Bombs Today

Was visiting a friend and the conversation turned to the price of bombs these days.

How many 12-tree Orchards could we buy for one bomb? How many schools are there in South Africa?

12 plants @ nursery rates = just under two grand, plus labour to dig wide, deep holes, and materials to construct compost loos to initially be placed above the holes - that way we don't need manure etc. A bee hive would be appropriate, and a well for while the trees are young. And Adjoining veggie patch with seeds for summer and winter plants but if the school wants to run classes maintaining it. With a thousand for labour and materials each, the items I'm having trouble pricing are the beehive and the well. Nevertheless, we could do the basic Orchard for under five grand.

A bargain at twice the price.

If the government were actually being useful and growing the plants and providing the compost toilets, sinking the wells and employing us to dig the holes, it could all happen much cheaper than that.

And if we were actually being useful we could grow the plants from cuttings, make the compost, dig the holes and construct the toilets ourselves.

All we have to do
Is want it.

The Big Apple

The Vygie Street for May is ready.. in June.

This one has got a really special touch because in the previous issue the fruit was the Apple, and naturally the question came up : where is a good public place to have an Apple tree?

For this edition I went into town to take a photo of the market where we (I) do the fruit salad because I wanted to use the Fruit Around Town section to advertise that there is now fruit salad IN town.

Its just a crazy coincidence, Hermanus is currently staging a Fine Arts Festival and right in the spot I wanted a photo of.. there is a big sculpture of an Apple.

And such a gorgeous Apple at that. Isn't it beautiful?

Imagine an Apple tree, right there, in that spot.

Oh its too much to hope, too much to dream that the Market Committee would be into planting an Apple tree right in the middle of town.

If I ever prayed, I'm praying for this, a vibrant beautiful gorgeous stunning Apple tree, right in the middle of town.


Thank goodness for winter, its just oranges and avo's, morning noon and night. Maybe not so many avo's because they cost the same as half a sack of oranges. Today I didn't have any avo at all.

And thank goodness for scarcity, which is making me remember to chew my juice, my orange quarters, and my avo's more thoroughly than ever so that I can feel full on what I have got, and not go roaring around like a lion looking for something - anything - to devour.

It is true what the African's say, to be poor is to be closer to God - for so many reasons, one certainly prays a lot more, one appreciates a lot more, feels more vulnerable and thus more humble.

And one definitely chews a LOT more, even though one is eating a lot less.

So thanks for winter, and thanks for scarcity. Its a good combination.

How To Change The World

(Good news article from Issue 3 of the Vygie Street Journal)

We now have testimony of a sufficient body of people who have eaten nothing but raw fruit and vegetables for decades and who thereby attained a peak level of health comparable only to that of wild animals.

Our era’s trademark is the strange and ever earlier diagnoses that bely our fervent hopes that cooking  is a good idea.

Do we believe that along with our creation our sustenance WASN’T given?

 Why then do we create our own, altering  that which God or Nature has safely provided for millennia? Alchemy has its place but surely  not as a way of life?

Once Man is in balance it follows that the currently endangered ecosystems in our world will be too. 

Within a few short years we could achieve the highest degree of civilization yet attained, no doubt the same as that enjoyed in Heaven itself.

The hallmark of such sanity would be peace and sufficiency for all - if we as individuals were but convinced of the profound benefits of returning to the original way. Then planting fruit trees and re-creating Eden will come to us,  like breathing.

Every human being deserves free food and vibrant health as a birth right. All we have to do is realise how  much  we  want  it.

Beyond physical considerations, raw eaters commonly report a stillness of mind and Christ-like love that appear to be inherent to the Human Being.  Love is the highest feeling, Kings give up thrones for Love.

The still mind reveals meditation to be much like the straight jacket in a mental ward. We don’t need it, that is not who we are.

That Paradise is within our grasp should make us sit bolt upright, wide awake.

All we have to do
 is  want  it.


For anybody who is just waiting for some new news on the Fruit Front, while the next Vygie Street Journal is being written check this out from YouTube. Obviously this is premium stuff - not where Japanese Fruit Feasters would shop.

And this one makes me think that we should just all be growing pineapples

The Spirit of Gluttony

1600 years ago  John Cassian wrote of the way of life of a group of monks who lived in the desert, known as the Desert Fathers. The only surviving part of his writings - available to the public, that is, we can't know what is secreted away in monasteries and private libraries - is called The Spirit of Gluttony.

In chapter six of this wonderful document is the statement of fact that the mind becomes drunk not by wine alone, but also from excess of any kind of food. Thus even too many tomatoes may exceed our digestive capacity and ferment. 

Insufficient chewing or a combination of foods whose digestive enzymes have conflicting requirements to do their work can also lead to that tired feeling, a busy mind, loss of self control, and degradation.

Alcohol is the dark side of the human race. Even children or adults who have never had a drink are daily under the influence of mind altering substances that are created within. Moulds, yeast and fungi are always hungry for foods specific to their needs and send up images to the mind of what they want next.

Anybody who thinks they have their body to themself and that their thoughts are all their own is sorely mistaken. The reason a raw eater experiences such clarity of mind is because there are far fewer products of fermentation to cloud the view and distort the senses. Long term raw eating people report that the mind becomes altogether still, summoned only when needed. 

In this way meditation is much like the straight jacket in a psychiatric ward. If we were living as our Creator intended, we wouldn't need it.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Each word of the Spirit of Gluttony is perfect, but if you only read one chapter, go for chapter six. You can find the document here

Top of the Pops

There are music videos 
extolling the dubious 
benefits of heroine,
cocaine, coffee and red
wine, but they are not
made in the same Spirit 
as these raw food music 

One can feel the exuberance, 
gratitude and celebration of 
the Rawbies. They want people 
to get as excited as they are, 
singing for joy and blowing 
their horns!

At the top - Joss Fossgreen's 
Banana's and Dates video is 
just fantastic. Obviously he is 
an accomplished musician. 
*Look at his face!* Song gets 
started a minute in.

NEXT! Bunny Berry is an 
extremely talented Southern
songstress, she plays the 
ukulele and in this video 
celebrates reaching "100 
Day's of Raw" and shows 
photos of her journey 
through the challenge. 

AND THEN mom and daughter, 
Victoria and Valya Boutenko do 
version of Abba's Thank You 
For This (Smoothie) - "The 
Green Smoothie Song", so 
cute and very catchy. 

The Boutenkos have been a raw 
food family for 16 years, but 
recently Victoria resigned from 
her position as a 100 percenter 
for similar reasons to those of 
Essie Honiball when she 
left the path to eat a bowl 
of porridge with her family
 - "Man cannot live as an island 
for ever". Victoria's statement 
is on this blog.

Nevertheless, her son Sergei is 
necessarily fully raw and always 
will be because of a dangerous 
medical condition that arises if 
he's not. "Raw food kids" is 
sweet, funky, thrilling. Sergei 
obviously loves his fruit...

People love fruit in the same way 
they love LIFE. ONTO Ode to Fruit
by Arnold Kauffman: divine 
lyrics and wonderful views of 
full-tilt Raw Vegan DurianRider's 
fruit stash. It makes the 
traditional cooking kitchen look 
so grey and utterly BORING. 

The song's refrain is "True love 
comes  with the first bite." Love 
is the key, to succeed in this path
you have to love something, 
Ode to Fruit recommends it be 
yourself. Love being alive, love
energy and sunlight and things
that give you life. Like fruit.

These are not all the raw food 
music videos up there - a lot of 
the others are songs sung 
directly into the camera.. this 
selection has visuals that take 
it to another level.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, to wrap up 
the raw music awards, here's a 
quick cutie from Ka Sundance and 
his family... who knew of Ka's
deeply resonant singing voice?

The thing that all these music videos have in common is that they were made to affect us, to represent what this kind of lifestyle can do. 

Do you think they got it?

Masterpiece of a Man Who Disappeared

Enzyme Action for Satisfaction

The Fletcherizing of ones food entails a good list of directions for eating. The key instruction is to retain food in the mouth, chewing it over and over until it is an absolute paste and then infusing the paste with even more saliva, turning the mouth into a veritable washing machine of activity. Chomp on the left, chomp on the right, nibble in the front, wiggle the tongue in the fluid and keep swishing it all forward to avoid the involuntary swallow reflex.

In this way the sugars are exposed to enzyme action not available in the stomach environment, and a lot of saliva is generated. Saliva has an electrical charge and it is only when the battery below the navel is recharged by the swallowing of saliva that one feels satisfied, gives a sigh, takes one or two more bites and then stops eating, appetite completely closed.

Something that helps with not making an involuntary swallow movement is to take small sips or bites.. with orange juice one still chews and swishes. It is amazing how there is no trace of hunger even when just "drinking" OJ. The trick is to not drink it but chew it.

I've known of the technique for a while but found it hard not to swallow. Now that I have just my two sacks of oranges I not only want them to last, but want them to make me feel full and also not to drop weight too quickly. I want those nutrients to be absorbed, every little one of them. I believe that if one is overweight then one actually loses weight with this style of eating.. its a body weight normaliser. Its enzyme action for full satisfaction!

"The Great Masticator" Horace Fletcher gives the details and science of this eating technique of a Master in THIS BOOK, amongst others.

Working with Royalty

I awoke from a dream wherein I was in England.

I had left my own natural country, the land of my birth where my relationships, possessions, culture and way of life are deeply embedded. 

There was no question of return.

I was working in an office in a skyscraper. Through the door came the future king of that country, Prince Charles. We studied the contents of a page, standing close to hold it up together to the light. He left, and I continued working on the paper.

Thus my dreams confirm that the Eden Recipe as taught to Esther Maria Wiese (now Honiball) by Cornelius Valkenberg De-Villiers Dreyer is The Royal Path, the most high way. Miraculously and overnight I have come out of a place of compulsive addiction that held me as if I had no say over my own actions, to the Royal Road of single focused discipline, eating just one thing at a time. No recipes - with the exception of chilli, turmeric and ginger in my orange juice. No slice of bread, not even the temptation to it.

I think I have found the only key to freedom, the Royal Road, the Strait and Narrow which leadeth unto Life. Eating only one thing at a time, no recipes. Very soon I will eat only what is in season, and forego tomatoes in the winter. But how long will I continue with these beloved citrus tonics of chilli ginger and turmeric? Time will tell.