My Wildest Dreams

customer magnet
Oh what its like to have something that people want, a product that sells.

And the amount of return-customers just spells satisfaction all round. Its this orange juice, a hit with young and old alike. 

People sit on the grass in the sun and feel good about life. They think about maybe getting a fruit salad and feel happy about their children running up for refills.
satisfied customer
more satisfaction
and the funky new container for the fruit salad is bigger and has a lid, is see thru to really show off the fab contents. 

On top of that - literally, is the new date & orange pulp 'cream' and a sqish of grenadilla, then topped up with orange juice and finally a thin layer of seeds and crumbled dried banana. Raisins.. all this for R15.

The 3 fruits were banana, pawpaw and pear. 

One customer said "luscious".

The space is also really groovy..

scruffy umbrella