Potentiating Mixes

While researching Avocados for the Vygie Street Journal some very interesting information came to light, namely that the unique fats in Avocado potentiate the absorption of phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are often very specific to a type of fruit, and are responsible for its particular flavour and colouring. Some phytochemicals are present in more than one fruit, for example the phytochemical Lycopene is the red colour of many fruits. Nevertheless, they are intimately bound to the very essence of a plant, its soul almost. They are ascribed with incredible healing effects on the human body and are the subject of much research. Most are destroyed by heat or processing, we can all plainly observe for ourselves that these paradisical flavours are altogether lost or altered by cooking. In the case where it is said that cooking Tomatoes breaks down cell walls and thus makes Lycopene more available, the solution is simply to chew one's food more thoroughly, and throw the stove away.

Phytochemicals are very often fat soluble and in the presence of the ultra special Avocado their absorption is increased by as much as 400%. Stand back for a moment and say Wow! Is it a leap of logic to reckon that Avocado makes other fruits not just four times healthier, but four times tastier? I would attest that anything tastes better with Avo.

And what does that say for mono-mealing, where just one fruit is eaten at a time? Is it a case that when mixed together different aspects of fruits are unlocked and they become more than they were alone, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts? How far does one take it? Taking a closer look at phytochemicals they appear more and more like the 'personality traits' of a plant, and behave differently depending on the company, just like we do on a Sunday visiting granny as opposed to a Saturday night with the lads. Perhaps this is even why mono-meals feel so good - we need to consider the social dynamics of these phytochemicals!

The sensory world is very difficult to negotiate. I found that in my case of Mono Oranges, even the introduction of just one Avocado brought all my best laid plans to nought. Essie Honiball never mixed fruits.. with the exception of Avocado, and perhaps its just Avocado that holds a special place in potentiating other fruits. There are other factors which make mono diets and mono meals so worthwhile, but if and when its beneficial to mix is really good to know.