Orange Juice for Brain Protection

In the Best of Orange/Juicing vids post I somehow missed Jay Kordich's where he puts whole, skinned Oranges through his juicer. I'm not one hundred percent clear how this is more beneficial than hand juicing/squeezing but right at the end he says the most interesting thing - that OJ looks after our blood vessels, especially those in the brain. 

Researching for the May Vygie Street I found out that the very flavour and colour of Oranges has a cooling, soothing effect on our cells and is anti-inflammatory, which is what they discovered when trying to work out why diabetics can drink Orange juice without it driving up their blood sugar levels. It has also been found that Orange juice increases the sensitivity of insulin and thus helps prevent diabetes altogether. 

The ways of fruits can be very awesome, very mysterious, as I'm discovering researching the Avocado for the next Vygie Street. Avocados and Oranges are both winter fruits and go together like a dream come true, blended into a cream. It turns out that the very special, rare kind of fats in Avocado increase the absorbtion of other fruits phyto nutrients by 200 to 400 percent. So much for not eating fats with fruit - and Avocado's fats increase metabolism and as such are actually slimming. Just incredible, but now I'm spoiling the next Vygie Street..

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Jay Kordich's video will neither imbed from Youtube nor upload from my hard drive, but can be watched here