Tomorrow is a whole new world, a whole different life. It holds the opportunity for leaving behind today, and all the days that came before today. It holds the chance to forge new habits, to build a new self, to say goodbye to everything that doesn't serve me, everything that doesn't make me a better person.  

One hundred years before I was born, Aurick S Brackett first consciously began his struggle with his lower nature, 32 years later he put pen to paper and wrote of his Covenant, his commitment to his life work, to fulfill his desire to manifest Divinity from within.

So often I have longed to do this, in another form perhaps, but the same thing. I have planned my own marriage, alone in the forest, where I would  pledge fidelity to myself. I would bind a tie around my wrist where I would always see it and always be reminded that amenability to the will of others at the expense of my own purpose cancels out the point of my being alive.