Electric Lou Corona

introduces a very interesting individual, 
58 year old Lou Corona. Notice how 
electric Lou is, how vividly he feels life's
energy constantly thrilling and pulsating 
through him. Filmed a while ago, Dan is a 
few years younger and a few kilograms 
heavier, it is obvious how fasting and 
detoxing has changed and refined him. 
The weight he carries here even looks 
lumpy and excessive in comparison to the
lean machine Dan is nowadays. Lou himself 
fasted for 40 days at a time, alone in the 
mountains - twice, I believe. Wow, Lou..  
Look at his smile!


PRINCIPLE ONE: Cellular Communication
the thoughts and feelings about ourselves, 
life and others are communicated throughout
our body & have an absolute effect on whether
it is geared toward life or death because - 
medical science has shown - negative thoughts 
and feelings have an acidifying effect, positive 
and benevolent thoughts alkalise. This principle 
deserves to be first although with raw eating 
the body alkalises and the overall effect is a 
more positive frame of mind - Alkalinity causes 
positivity, and vice versa. With detox,
often old emotions are released as well.

PRINCIPLE TWO: Cellular Environment
namely the elements which constantly
surround us : earth, air, sun and water. 
These provide the basic foundation of life 
and health. For more information on these
elements,  here are links to excellent works:
WATER: The Water Cure          
SUN: Sungazing Phenomena     
Each element deserves a post on its own, this
is just to open awareness of their importance.

PRINCIPLE THREE: Cellular Excercise,
Lou explains how excersizing the body
does not just excersize the muscles but
all of the cells and the Lymphatic system
as well. For those experiencing a bit
 of fear and trembling at the notion of
exerting themselves, going raw for a while
first will definitely make the body more
amenable to activity. As every month, week 
and day passes since my last slice of 
cooked food my body becomes more im-
patient to do stuff. Just like a dog loves 
going for a walk, this is actually our natural
way of life when not burdened with heavy
food and toxins, and being nourished by
life rich ingredients.

PRINCIPLE FOUR: Cellular Nutrition
At last these two get down to what's on 
the menu. Lou's accent is not just on raw
but food that is still alive. The vital role of
enzymes in digestion and in making the 
food assimilable to the body is very often
totally overlooked. Lou is into a mix
of fruits, vegetables and seeds and also 
his enzymes.  

I struggled to find the final video where Lou
shows off his feats of strength - of which I
was already convinced just from observing
his energy: writhing in his seat and splaying
his fingers as he talks. There are plenty of 
videos of Lou's recipe's -
Lou isn't so much into big fruit meals, where
Essie lived on them with a very good result. 
Both Dan and Lou use blenders and juicers
as a way of life, where I find them too annoying
to clean and prefer less rather than more 
ingredients on my plate and in my stomach. 
The mixing of many ingredients, to Essie, 
is necessary to fill the gap between
the barbecue and pure Fruitarianism (one fruit
at a time, in season). One can certainly mimic
cooked food recipes with a clever combination
of raw ingredients.
Its important to have many voices, and each to find
their own path and preference by listening to 
their own body, in the end each is his own 
salvation and the most important voice to 
hear is the still, quiet one inside. Nevertheless, 
Lou Corona's is a vitally interesting one to hear,
and a compelling example of electric living.