Celebrating Life with Life

This is my lovely sister Chloe, glad the candle is out so now she can start dishing up her fruit salad "cake". Thats Papaya at the bottom, then Pear, with Banana as the final layer and topped with a blend of Avocado, Dates and whole peeled Oranges. The sprinkles are sultana and crimson raisins. 

Chloe had hepatitis when she was a student nurse and finds rich food makes her feel distinctly unwell. She is a person who is prepared to form her own opinions and think outside the box. Her observations about life and food are spot on, and I can always count on her as an ally and to enjoy whatever meals I may produce. She also adores fruit, one at a time. 

Chloe would be a Fruitarian in a flash but prefers to walk a high-raw/some cooked path because the people around her are into cooked food and she loves the socialisation of food and sharing meals with our Mum and her wonderful husband. The blatant, obvious good sense of not altering food is well known to her and yesterday she sent me this article  about New York doctors prescribing fruits and veggies. Earlier in a store we had had a good laugh over a pack of tablets we saw there that claimed to be the best way to get one's fibre. Better than eating an Avocado? Aren't marketing people funny!

So Happy birthday, Chloe! you are one of the great pleasures and treasures of this life and your generous spirit, warm open heart and great strength of character make you an asset to the human race and one of the most admirable people that I have the honour to know. May you keep being as alive as you are for a long, long time.