Liver Flush

About fifty bucks (Rands)
The Liver Flush goes like this:

Salts mixture:
4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 750ml of water  
(makes four doses)

Oil mixture:
Juice of 2 Grapefruits mixed with an 

equal amount of olive oil, 
should make almost half a litre.


Eat only fruit in the morning, and nothing after 2pm.
At 6pm drink the first dose of salts
At 8pm drink the second dose of salts.
At 10pm shake up and drink the oil mixture. Lie down flat on your back, and stay like that til sleep comes.
On waking, third dose of salts
Two hours later, final dose of salts.

More directions and alternatives for the flush 
are given here at Curezone.

Its ten past 6 and I am busy on my first dose of salts, just letting them cool. (ugh these Epsom salts aren't nice) Funny how these salts have a saccharine sweet kind of aftertaste, I never noticed that before. They are hard to swallow, and immediately give me a bit of pressure on the brain. But one dose down. Well done, and yuch!

8pm and time to get the second dose down. Ugh that's not nice. Now.. ten pm ..

I drank the mixture and immediately lay flat , feeling really queasy. One can feel the big bolus of oil sitting within. Queasy and uncomfortable for the rest of the night, most of which I tried to lie flat.

At about 4pm I was perched on the loo and lost huge amounts of something into the bowl. What a pity I'm not still living in the forest, where ones excreta is available for inspection!

Angel after Flush
After the loo I had a nice, open stretch, no abdominal tightness. On other occasions of doing this flush I noticed how my posture immediately improved, no longer bent over a tight liver. People with shoulder pains, like cold shoulder, often find relief in doing a liver flush. 

I can still feel my liver now,churning, discharging stuff, and even though I really don't feel like it I must take the third dose of salts. Ugh. Got to get whatever it is my liver is getting rid of out of the system.

And what is it exactly that's being got rid of? The outsize oil dose makes the liver contract, and the Epsom salts open all the tubes so that on contraction all the contents of the gall bladder and backed up liver are ejected into the intestine. The first time I flushed, more than ten years ago, a lot of luminous, bile coloured green stones and chaff exited my rear. It did get less each time I did this flush. I'm not one hundred percent clear on the mechanism, all I know is that I feel lighter, have more energy, my posture is open and easy - I sit bolt upright without hunching or thinking about it. It is unnecessary for me to take in sceptics analyses because I experience the benefit from it, whether my mind is satisfied with the details or not.

From this day forward, to take the momentum of the flush and build on it, I am entering into an Orange Feast. Its most interesting that I've just come across a light version of the flush that, besides the oil and garlic, is exactly how I frequently take my Orange juice.

Not sure how it works without the salts. I would add Turmeric to the mix, Turmeric, Ginger and Orange juice is just lovely, and Turmeric is on the list of herbs good for the liver. In spring time will be hunting for Dandelion leaves which are so effective at liver cleansing that people with gallstones are warned about the pain they will feel as the stones move!
Here's a discussion about the Epsom salts version, i.e the one I am just doing/have done, tackling some of the scepticism the medical fraternity are obliged to offer.

Now for that third dose of Epsom salts. Oh, do I have to?