Expensive Food

Whilst researching the possibility of getting around using Epsom Salts in a liver flush I was turned onto Apple Cider Vinegar, a raw product which dissolves gall stones and cleanses the liver, as well as having many other benefits. The effect which appeals to me most is that it is lauded as tightening loose skin, and as I lose weight on Oranges  this is vital to not stirring up fright and hysteria in those around me. I tend to lose weight very, very quickly, probably because I haven't enough real body - as per Arshavir Hovannessian's pages on the False Man

Today I bought some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and decided to go for a health food store bottle instead of a supermarket cheapie. It was twice the price and twice the colour. Sez me Mum: This raw food diet of yours sure is expensive!

How to make toast
At ten rand a day on Oranges, I cannot concur. Even at the R20-R30/day I customarily spend on fruits and vegetables the diet is still outstanding for economy. I don't use a fridge or stove - which both require connection to a nuclear power station and come with a bill for that ultra special, priceless stuff: electricity. Then there is the water and plumbing necessary for cleaning those pots, mines to produce metal for them, strong detergents to cut into the grease, and all the laboratories and technology that lie behind this complexity.

I never visit the doctor or buy pills, don't pay into a medical scheme or need the services of a dentist. Deodorants, face creams and all that stuff necessary to fake sweetness and health where it does not exist should also be reckoned into the food bill.The endless cups of coffee or tea that is the way of life of my contemporaries are also not without cost and neither is the petrol they use to go the smallest distance because their body is too heavy and lethargic to spring into action.

Springing into action is the modality of a person fed on the user friendly, readily accessible produce of planet earth that doesn't need altering or fiddling with before consumption. When one considers the cost of cooking in all its ramifications it just can't be called cheap - not even plain boiled rice! Which, incidentally, is shipped to us here in Africa in a tanker.

So thanks, Mum, for bringing to my attention how much I can afford to buy posh vinegar. Hasn't life on earth been rigged just perfectly for us when we just accept it?