Best of Juice Feasting Videos

I have searched Youtube to find Orange juice inspiration from around the  world, and the first words about my findings are a huge thank you to raw people everywhere who make these videos and share their experiences, they are so very helpful to all of us. 

The videos are in order of the duration each Islander has been Orange-ing/juicing.

Day 55 - Featured in another post, and will be in more yet: Anne Osborne is undisputed Queen of Oranges, having been to Orange Island at least 3 times, the longest stint 84 days. Observing Anne's radiant, ageless complexion in  footage from the Woodstock fruit festival led me to consider mono Oranges more seriously - She is clearly approaching her highest potential and if that's Oranges, they'll do! Anne notes that fully ripe Oranges don't hurt teeth, and I find that the easiest, cleanest, freshest way to get the juice by far is as she describes: juicing directly into the mouth. Anne's website is here and facebook here

Day 17 - Orlin Gonzales is so very alive, maintaining a fully active schedule and also doing one of the most strenuous types of yoga - Kundalini. This Orange session lasted 37 days but he had to stop because of the social pressures against being skinny, though one year into being Fruitarian he did 40 or 50 days on Oranges and afterward found that he could get by on less fruit because his body actually assimilates what he eats better! Like Anne Osborne he found that his eyesight improved on mono Oranges and next to her is the greatest inspiration for this work. Orlin is currently 13 days into his third OJ session - people who do mono Orange juice just seem to keep coming back! His blog is here

Day 14 - So clean, clear and erudite, Lauren was on fruit and vegetable juices, probiotic broths, and Rejuvelac (fermented Cabbage soak water). The points she touches on are so pertinent to this experience - especially my own worry: the elastic snap back to flavour and fullness - snap back and beyond - that can completely demoralise and undo all the good work of the cleanse. Lauren discusses the benefits of colon cleansing while juice fasting, the effect of fasting on sleep, and the emotional detox she went through, so its a very worthwhile video in this collection. Lauren has a lot of fasting and juicing experience and her web page is here

Day 3 - Andulairah Shah is a very beautiful Middle Eastern woman, based in London in this video and quite possibly eating South African Oranges as its summer up there in July! Andulairah has done many juice feasts and at least two Orange Islands. She speaks of the intensity of her dreams and how close she feels to her core being - very incredibly as she speaks those words an orb of light flashes across the screen. I have never seen an orb before, but Andulairah posts videos of them on Youtube, so they really seem to like her! Her blogspot is here.. though she's more active on her Youtube channel.

No days, in this video - but Julie from The Healing Patch is no stranger to fasting and cleansing. She explains why Orange juice is the best juice to drink on a regular basis and compares it to "isolated" juice, which she actually recommends only for therapeutic use.

I must say that I need therapy just at the thought of cleaning the juicer. Its a quick, fun vid which drives home the difference between shop orange and real Orange, and emphasizes the importance of drinking fully ripe, orange Orange juice. Julie and Sarah have both healed and transformed with raw food and have a lot of funky guidance as well as a book on how to identify wild edible food, their site is here

So that wraps up this "best of OJ vids" post, and all that's left to say is:
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