This Program is the one prescribed by Mrs Essie Honiball in her final communication - A Fruit Eater is Born. 

The Program can be used to shout Hokaai to the past and climb onto a new lifestyle with which to ride into the future. 


If the bowels don't function then use an enema or even a laxative so that one doesn't go into the new life with the old.

DAY 1 TO ?
Fast on water only. Keep away from tempting or tormenting situations so that the resolve may remain firm. Meditate and/or pray, practice deep breathing, and read special books to do with spirituality or health or both. If you don't know how to breathe then read thisThe purpose of the fast is to draw a line between the new and old life and prepare the body and palate for fruit. The longer the fast the greater the advantage, in this protocol no longer than 3 days and at least 1!

Eat just one type of fruit over three meals, unlimited quantity. This is called a Mono Diet, and brings heightened mental clarity as the digestive apparatus has  less work to do, digesting just one thing. One persists with the mono diet for as many days as one wishes to experience it. People with illnesses will find them overcome more quickly on a Mono Diet. 

CURES AND FEASTS The Lemon Cure, Grape Cure and Watermelon / Orange Feasts are examples of fruit programs that are famous for their results. The longer the cure or feast is maintained - in the case of the Grape Cure, a full 28 days - the greater the security of success. More about this elsewhere.


Eat a different type of fruit at each of the three meals. This is called a Mono Meal and still summons a very clean digestive process. Eating just one fruit at a meal also causes one to eat less as one reaches a sufficiency of flavour.


Mix different fruits at each meal, maintaining just three meals of unlimited fruit a day. Eating between meals unnecessarily stirs the digestive fire and detracts from the flavour and enjoyment of the next meal. However, single pieces of fruit, or fruit juices do provide a bridge.


If possible, just carry on! Incorporate leaves and nuts, and either remain a pure Fruitarian and eat them separately or become one of the Raw People and make a salad, potentially with vegetables. Salads can be more filling and provide a splash of savoury flavour. 

DID YOU MAKE IT? If not then mark your pitfalls, learn about your habits from the experience, and then return to the old life. Try to exchange whole meals for fruit or increase the amount of fruit overall and let go of the worst of the old habits, and then further down the line: try again.

And if you DID make it Then..

Why not repeat the practice every now and again? It could be a discipline and a cleanse but more likely it will just become like first nature as one awaits each fruit in its season, "as one would an old friend"

Whatever you are eating, 
and whenever you are eating it, 
remember to chew!