OJ Day 2 - Sungazing

Last night's sunset was my first sungazing session. One only gazes at the rising or setting sun when its rays intensity are weakest as they travel through the longer distance of the Earth's atmosphere. 

I had always compared Oranges to the Sun but they are nothing like it, nothing is. The sun glowed with an incredible golden whiteness, a band of alternating black and white racing around its rim. I drank the light for ten long breaths and then closed my eyes. The afterburn was a brilliant green Sun inside my eyelids, which after a while became cerise pink. Within five minutes the afterburn had gone. 

I felt I had experienced something quite significant, quite profound.

A while back I did some onscreen proofreading work and it really affected my vision.  Now I struggle to read the little text on my phone. But check out this video. I have very high hopes for sungazing, besides my eyes also for my dreams.. this guy has been going a month and listen to what he says.

It may be that sungazing is in its own right as exciting as eating food raw and unaltered.

This article on sungazing is quite interesting. Sunset and sunrise times can be found at this site.