The Thin Edge of the Wedge

Whatever we focus on, expands. This could be the most important advice any of us ever hear. If I focus on Oranges and Oranges alone, my chances at succeeding on Oranges are very high. Once I break that focus, the world underneath me dissolves like a bag of sand that's got a hole in it. 

This is what happened after I began to research the headliner fruit for the next edition of the Vygie Street Journal. I was completely amazed and enchanted that Avocado potentiates the absorption and flavour of other fruits by hundreds of percent - especially phytochemicals like Beta Carotene, which improves eyesight. 

I was also feeling stretched and thin, as women do sometimes in their cycle. Ravenous and emotional. When I was out and about shopping for fruits to make fruit salad in the market,  I grabbed a huge ripe Avocado, intending creaming it up with Orange and Dates to make the fancy sounding 'Brasil Cream' I ladel over the fruit salads.    

But instead I ate it on the way home.

And why stop there? Having had one, why not another? Its no longer Mono Oranges, right? The first bite took care of that. This is how it works with the thin edge of the wedge which forces open the very door which I'd had help from angels to finally get closed.
Day 0, again

My mother was filled with delight and did her best to place whatever she could in my path to make me 'normal' again. But its my hand, my mouth, and I'll never let anyone else take responsibility for anything I do. I went from feeling bright and alive to stupid and dead in no time at all, too heavy to go up the stairs two at a time and barely able to recall my dreams. More than this, I missed the simplicity of Orange juice, it was like having an orgy with strangers while thinking of one's true love all the time. No amount of sensuous living can replace the deep emptiness that makes reality feel naked against one's consciousness. 

Now the family have all sorts of goodies downstairs but I'm so glad to just be back on Oranges! Today is day Zero, again. I'm doing another flush this evening, and every single day I am going to remember how I loved and missed Oranges.