Self Mastery

The problem is not with Avocados, or any food at all, but with habits. Every time we do something it carves a little groove in the mind. How often we do it and how much pleasure we get from it will deepen the groove. Quickly we don't need to make those choices again as our built in 'automatic pilot' takes care of oft repeated actions, so that we can keep our thinking and choosing energies for immediate concerns. Getting out out of old grooves and carving new ones takes quite a bit of effort. Sometimes people can even need to go into rehab!

One of the reasons I've stepped into an Orange Feast is to step out of an old habit.. a mono diet is much easier to manage than is a world full of choices. What is extremely difficult to manage is re-entering a world of choices after being restricted from them. The same old grooves are there, new ones haven't been carved. As soon as I begin on Avocado its the same route - more Avo's, then salt, then anything so long as it has salt on it. Alcoholics experience the same thing, as soon as they start drinking again they are right back to the place where they left off.

I've always wanted to experience mono Oranges, so there is more than just the one reason for doing it. There is also my health, mental and spiritual work - but I must begin to prepare now for the day its not just Oranges.

Every one of us is on the path of self-mastery, some close to the beginning, some getting there. This is my challenge - to be my own employer, my own rock, my own friend, and my own master. I am going to do it no matter what, keep addressing this until I have got it. I am not powerful while I don't eat Avocados, I am powerful when I can eat them and stop at the right time.

Oranges Rule, okay