Deep Questions

Today I had a really interesting visit with Essie. We were talking about people trying to change each other and how we stiffen when people try to change us. We both know extremely well how hard people have tried to normalise us back into society's ways, and as such are rather allergic to it in the end. Just live and let live. 

Essie made the most interesting observation, about my market stall where I sell fruit salad and offer an alternative way of life to passersby with whom it may strike a chord. I would love to say that it is my bread and butter but actually I have only really made money from it once. Essie said today that she is not sure whether its the right thing, being there. Lately I have to say that I am not sure, either. The people who buy the fruit salad will have it in the same way they would chocolate, its for the taste, and they will not change their ways or get excited about the idea of just living on fruit. Admittedly I do get people who are amazed one can live on fruit, but as Essie and I both agree: this is an incredibly difficult path and only people who really want to will be able to follow it. Most people are unable to embrace it mostly because they have not experienced the rewards and so don't know what they are missing. Thereafter it is only when they are really convinced that the things they are addicted to are harming them will they actually be able to give them up. And then following shortly in those footsteps will be the challenge of the social resistance to fruit eating. 

It is my birthday this month and I'm having a Bring 'n Buffet birthday party, where everyone brings a couple of servings of what they'd like to eat on their birthday. They also need to bring a joke, or be subject to Truth or Dare, and must also wear their favourite clothes even it is their pajamas. The theme is "everyone's happy". In the past I would  have prepared food acceptable to me and tried to share it with others, or something we'd all like... but this way everyone gets what they'd want, and more.

The question of the market stall remains, though. Is it the right thing? Should I be trying to advertise Fruitarianism and raw food? Its nice being there, whatever happens.