Working with Royalty

I awoke from a dream wherein I was in England.

I had left my own natural country, the land of my birth where my relationships, possessions, culture and way of life are deeply embedded. 

There was no question of return.

I was working in an office in a skyscraper. Through the door came the future king of that country, Prince Charles. We studied the contents of a page, standing close to hold it up together to the light. He left, and I continued working on the paper.

Thus my dreams confirm that the Eden Recipe as taught to Esther Maria Wiese (now Honiball) by Cornelius Valkenberg De-Villiers Dreyer is The Royal Path, the most high way. Miraculously and overnight I have come out of a place of compulsive addiction that held me as if I had no say over my own actions, to the Royal Road of single focused discipline, eating just one thing at a time. No recipes - with the exception of chilli, turmeric and ginger in my orange juice. No slice of bread, not even the temptation to it.

I think I have found the only key to freedom, the Royal Road, the Strait and Narrow which leadeth unto Life. Eating only one thing at a time, no recipes. Very soon I will eat only what is in season, and forego tomatoes in the winter. But how long will I continue with these beloved citrus tonics of chilli ginger and turmeric? Time will tell.