Top of the Pops

There are music videos 
extolling the dubious 
benefits of heroine,
cocaine, coffee and red
wine, but they are not
made in the same Spirit 
as these raw food music 

One can feel the exuberance, 
gratitude and celebration of 
the Rawbies. They want people 
to get as excited as they are, 
singing for joy and blowing 
their horns!

At the top - Joss Fossgreen's 
Banana's and Dates video is 
just fantastic. Obviously he is 
an accomplished musician. 
*Look at his face!* Song gets 
started a minute in.

NEXT! Bunny Berry is an 
extremely talented Southern
songstress, she plays the 
ukulele and in this video 
celebrates reaching "100 
Day's of Raw" and shows 
photos of her journey 
through the challenge. 

AND THEN mom and daughter, 
Victoria and Valya Boutenko do 
version of Abba's Thank You 
For This (Smoothie) - "The 
Green Smoothie Song", so 
cute and very catchy. 

The Boutenkos have been a raw 
food family for 16 years, but 
recently Victoria resigned from 
her position as a 100 percenter 
for similar reasons to those of 
Essie Honiball when she 
left the path to eat a bowl 
of porridge with her family
 - "Man cannot live as an island 
for ever". Victoria's statement 
is on this blog.

Nevertheless, her son Sergei is 
necessarily fully raw and always 
will be because of a dangerous 
medical condition that arises if 
he's not. "Raw food kids" is 
sweet, funky, thrilling. Sergei 
obviously loves his fruit...

People love fruit in the same way 
they love LIFE. ONTO Ode to Fruit
by Arnold Kauffman: divine 
lyrics and wonderful views of 
full-tilt Raw Vegan DurianRider's 
fruit stash. It makes the 
traditional cooking kitchen look 
so grey and utterly BORING. 

The song's refrain is "True love 
comes  with the first bite." Love 
is the key, to succeed in this path
you have to love something, 
Ode to Fruit recommends it be 
yourself. Love being alive, love
energy and sunlight and things
that give you life. Like fruit.

These are not all the raw food 
music videos up there - a lot of 
the others are songs sung 
directly into the camera.. this 
selection has visuals that take 
it to another level.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, to wrap up 
the raw music awards, here's a 
quick cutie from Ka Sundance and 
his family... who knew of Ka's
deeply resonant singing voice?

The thing that all these music videos have in common is that they were made to affect us, to represent what this kind of lifestyle can do. 

Do you think they got it?