OJ Rocks

Serving Orange juice to people is exactly what I want to be doing with my life. It goes perfectly with the season of the fruit, the front page of the most recent Vygie Street Journal, the price per sack, and - amazingly - the packaging. Packaging is the bane of any food handler. To get around recurring cost and transportability issues we are selling ours in 100ml shots for R2, and people sometimes stand there and then and drink it, or go sit on the grass in the sun and drink it at their leisure. I rinse the glass in a bucket of clean water, dry it with a drying cloth and put it in a row with 5 others. You can see the "packaging" to the far right in the  above paparazzi shot, its that cute little pint glass. On the first day I turned a R10 sack into about two dozen R2 glasses. That was tripling the outlay and doubling the fun. Viva Oranges!