Enzyme Action for Satisfaction

The Fletcherizing of ones food entails a good list of directions for eating. The key instruction is to retain food in the mouth, chewing it over and over until it is an absolute paste and then infusing the paste with even more saliva, turning the mouth into a veritable washing machine of activity. Chomp on the left, chomp on the right, nibble in the front, wiggle the tongue in the fluid and keep swishing it all forward to avoid the involuntary swallow reflex.

In this way the sugars are exposed to enzyme action not available in the stomach environment, and a lot of saliva is generated. Saliva has an electrical charge and it is only when the battery below the navel is recharged by the swallowing of saliva that one feels satisfied, gives a sigh, takes one or two more bites and then stops eating, appetite completely closed.

Something that helps with not making an involuntary swallow movement is to take small sips or bites.. with orange juice one still chews and swishes. It is amazing how there is no trace of hunger even when just "drinking" OJ. The trick is to not drink it but chew it.

I've known of the technique for a while but found it hard not to swallow. Now that I have just my two sacks of oranges I not only want them to last, but want them to make me feel full and also not to drop weight too quickly. I want those nutrients to be absorbed, every little one of them. I believe that if one is overweight then one actually loses weight with this style of eating.. its a body weight normaliser. Its enzyme action for full satisfaction!

"The Great Masticator" Horace Fletcher gives the details and science of this eating technique of a Master in THIS BOOK, amongst others.