Truth or Dare

I am thinking how to raise funds for the Orchard, and the first idea that springs to mind is to hold a Truth Or Dare party for people of really advanced age.

We could hold the party on the ground itself, with a speaker's mat and a microphone, everybody brings their well behaved dogs, children and picnic blankets. Close to the home entrance because I'm guessing people will need loos. 

To nominate an oldie or volunteer ones old self to take the mike and answer a thrilling list of Truth or Dare Questions could be.. say fifty bucks.

At any question they would rather not answer they can either dance, or sing something.

Sample Questions could be:

- did you ever see a UFO, or a Ghost?

- do you think the sun is an hollow electric filament, or a collapsing burning furnace?

- What do you think happens when people die?

- Will you make one hundred?

- Where and when were your favourite fruit trees planted?

- Which is your favourite kind of tree being planted right now?

I will add to this list as I think of other revealing questions to ask octogenarians.

Hopefully there will be a really hot list from the crowd, as well.