How To Change The World

(Good news article from Issue 3 of the Vygie Street Journal)

We now have testimony of a sufficient body of people who have eaten nothing but raw fruit and vegetables for decades and who thereby attained a peak level of health comparable only to that of wild animals.

Our era’s trademark is the strange and ever earlier diagnoses that bely our fervent hopes that cooking  is a good idea.

Do we believe that along with our creation our sustenance WASN’T given?

 Why then do we create our own, altering  that which God or Nature has safely provided for millennia? Alchemy has its place but surely  not as a way of life?

Once Man is in balance it follows that the currently endangered ecosystems in our world will be too. 

Within a few short years we could achieve the highest degree of civilization yet attained, no doubt the same as that enjoyed in Heaven itself.

The hallmark of such sanity would be peace and sufficiency for all - if we as individuals were but convinced of the profound benefits of returning to the original way. Then planting fruit trees and re-creating Eden will come to us,  like breathing.

Every human being deserves free food and vibrant health as a birth right. All we have to do is realise how  much  we  want  it.

Beyond physical considerations, raw eaters commonly report a stillness of mind and Christ-like love that appear to be inherent to the Human Being.  Love is the highest feeling, Kings give up thrones for Love.

The still mind reveals meditation to be much like the straight jacket in a mental ward. We don’t need it, that is not who we are.

That Paradise is within our grasp should make us sit bolt upright, wide awake.

All we have to do
 is  want  it.