Fruitarian vs Raw

The difference between Fruitarianism and Raw Eating is the difference between whole and altered food. 

By 'altered' is meant that a new flavour has been created by the combination of others or the application of heat. The most whole, palatable, unaltared food on Earth is a fruit or leaf.

Each fruit has its own glow, its own frequency. The more it is chopped, broken up and mixed with other frequencies the more its potency is reduced. 

At the end of a Grape Cure, on that first day of even adding just a Vygie to the menu changes the very clear, bright high. The greater the mix, the more the mundanity sets in. 

The motivations for accepting Whole food are different from those of wanting to alter it, its a different game and some of the rewards are in a different realm.

There are other finickity rules about Fruitarianism, one of them is the insistence of eating fruits in their seasons. I'm not sure if eating only twice a day was part of it or just Essie and Cosmo's rules. 

But Fruitarianism is far more interesting than appears on the face of it. It addresses motives for eating, and many other aspects of eating besides. 

And who knows, with its 12 month "recipe" as it passes through the seasons, it could be the key to our eating from the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden. 


Check this vid from John Kholer where he talks about processed foods