Thank goodness for winter, its just oranges and avo's, morning noon and night. Maybe not so many avo's because they cost the same as half a sack of oranges. Today I didn't have any avo at all.

And thank goodness for scarcity, which is making me remember to chew my juice, my orange quarters, and my avo's more thoroughly than ever so that I can feel full on what I have got, and not go roaring around like a lion looking for something - anything - to devour.

It is true what the African's say, to be poor is to be closer to God - for so many reasons, one certainly prays a lot more, one appreciates a lot more, feels more vulnerable and thus more humble.

And one definitely chews a LOT more, even though one is eating a lot less.

So thanks for winter, and thanks for scarcity. Its a good combination.