Will Power vs Want Power

Will Power is for people who aren't altogether convinced that what they are doing is what they want to do. Like studying for an exam when the subject doesn't interest you. Or eating fruit instead of pizza.

Will Power is for when you actually want something else from your stated aim. Then you need to blow in with full force, bark orders and make it the stated aim happen, somehow, anyhow. 

Say I want to eat a pizza, but am trying to be a Fruitarian. The hours until I am out of range of throwing caution to the the wind and consummating my desire will be absolute torture.

However, say I want to be a Fruitarian, I want to be a Fruitarian or die, to be a Fruitarian and see on my body, heart and soul that I have become a Fruitarian. Say I want to love fruit in an open and public manner that will make people sit up and say "hey, there must be something really groovy to this sweet, innocent looking stuff", I want to love fruit so much that my loving it makes fruit trees pop up wherever I go. Then a few cravings for anything outside of fruit are met by focussing on what it is I do really want, and never ever using the love word for anything I want to move away from.

"I'd eat pizza as soon as I'd get drunk and lie on the pavement" - Don't hold back from being totally honest about old habits. Sneer even.

It is not in what we do eat but what we don't eat that will make us into what we want to be. 

Every moment of resisting temptation makes me a Fruitarian, not the moments of eating fruit, because even fast food junkies eat fruit now and then.

Imagine that you are on a carriage pulled by powerful horses and steered by your heart. Not your brain, or your stated aims, this carriage will take you to where your heart is. Now be very, very careful of what you feel in that heart, because you will go there.

The book to read to really drive this home is William Walker Atkinson's Thought Vibration. Every word of this book could be written in gold and should have been taught to us in school. Being more than a hundred years old, Thought Vibration is in the Public Domain and available for free download here, or here, or here. For anyone struggling with themselves, its a must.