The Price of Bombs Today

Was visiting a friend and the conversation turned to the price of bombs these days.

How many 12-tree Orchards could we buy for one bomb? How many schools are there in South Africa?

12 plants @ nursery rates = just under two grand, plus labour to dig wide, deep holes, and materials to construct compost loos to initially be placed above the holes - that way we don't need manure etc. A bee hive would be appropriate, and a well for while the trees are young. And Adjoining veggie patch with seeds for summer and winter plants but if the school wants to run classes maintaining it. With a thousand for labour and materials each, the items I'm having trouble pricing are the beehive and the well. Nevertheless, we could do the basic Orchard for under five grand.

A bargain at twice the price.

If the government were actually being useful and growing the plants and providing the compost toilets, sinking the wells and employing us to dig the holes, it could all happen much cheaper than that.

And if we were actually being useful we could grow the plants from cuttings, make the compost, dig the holes and construct the toilets ourselves.

All we have to do
Is want it.