Vygie Street Journal May 2013

The Vygie Street for May is out, in June and the evidence is that there is a picture from a June event on the front page.

This issue features one of the World's most favourite fruits, the Orange, and gives the Lemm's corner market a bit of a spin as we try to up the vibe and create a scene right in the middle of town - on Sundays especially as that has potential for an alternative day out.

The "Good News" article is that we can be free if we want, the Book Review: the Masterpiece of a Man Who Disappeared, and the Leaf this month is Eucalyptus because everyone is getting colds.

Future fruit is waiting in the local Nurseries and tells the public which trees are available where for immediate afforestation of the Earth back into what it once was.

This issue also features an exciting invite to a Break Fast In White event. Break Fast can be any time of the day, so long as it is the meal in which one's fast is broken. Everyone would wear white and bring either fruits/veggies or a concoction of some sort made of many fruits/veggies, usually called a salad.

Now that the herald has gone out, lets see what comes back to us.