The Big Apple

The Vygie Street for May is ready.. in June.

This one has got a really special touch because in the previous issue the fruit was the Apple, and naturally the question came up : where is a good public place to have an Apple tree?

For this edition I went into town to take a photo of the market where we (I) do the fruit salad because I wanted to use the Fruit Around Town section to advertise that there is now fruit salad IN town.

Its just a crazy coincidence, Hermanus is currently staging a Fine Arts Festival and right in the spot I wanted a photo of.. there is a big sculpture of an Apple.

And such a gorgeous Apple at that. Isn't it beautiful?

Imagine an Apple tree, right there, in that spot.

Oh its too much to hope, too much to dream that the Market Committee would be into planting an Apple tree right in the middle of town.

If I ever prayed, I'm praying for this, a vibrant beautiful gorgeous stunning Apple tree, right in the middle of town.