Debut at the Venue in Town

Yes indeed that is the Ancient Station in the foreground, bearing the Glad Tidings in the form of the Vygie Street Journal of the Fresh Fruit Fan Club.

And behind lies a pile of this season's first oranges amid boxes of newly picked fresh young apples.. Further aback is Spiralli, our valiant Spiralizer.

I took R18.50, a surprising amount of people were keen for just fresh fruit and I gave it away at cost or for free in very un-shopkeeperly style.. "Go on, you can have it!"

Maybe the public found whole, unprocessed fruit easy to trust. After all, what could Apple Spagetti possibly be?  

Even though they look so gorgeous posing on top of the fruit, the books were not there the whole day, I only put them down whilst rerereading them to take the photo. Do not usually mix paper and food.

I like this place, and they are looking for a fruit fan to come and set up shop here. When we come back it will be with a bigger table, an umbrella, and more fruit.