The Engines of Creation

For a week I tried keeping the left over fruit from the Country Market produce stall. I had to arrive very early to receive the stock and stay long after anyone would fancy any fruit salad to return it to its owner. The stock looked great, as fresh produce always does, but towards the end of the four day session it began to feel that I need to lighten up. In the most recent series of days I wasn't able to receive that stock and I take it to be how things should go, that for the engines of creation to continue to grind I need to take care not to become overburdened or lose track of the original impetus.

Back to basics, I am not intending to become a fruit and veg supplier and don't have the vehicles, storage or capital to do so. Neither am i a shop that provides spiral slicing machines to the public, even if having one does help keep the menu exciting while in transition between worlds. I am a bookbinder, a transferrer of information, a herald.

One can see in this image how busy and indeterminate my work is. Humus on spaghettied cucumber, sundried tomato on spaghettied courgette, the apple cinnamon/raisin/coconut combo, and the fruit salad already mixed in the far corner. The chocolate date bombs are at the end of the table, which myself and Chloe ended up noshing the second we realised they weren't selling.

Oh these fancy savoury salads - I don't think I can maintain them, especially in the light that people adore the look of the plain, individually chopped up fruit and that is always what they want. So I think I may be withdrawing the spiral slicer from the market and just fill bowls with gorgeous, vibrant, colourful sweet fruit. I will use a plain white table cloth to show off the colours and leave no doubt about what is on offer.

Not much is selling in this midwinter period before the whales arrive and the tourists along with them. I only chop as much as I can eat, a little at a time and at the last minute. The big eater is the car which I have good fortune to have had use of, which consumes more money in petrol than I do in food, daily. Bicycle trailer, I will build you soon. And books, information, the next Vygie Street - you are on the cards. The conversations I have are what make it worthwhile, and soon will be offering written information which will say more than I ever can.