The Vygie Street Journal

The marketing wing of our global empire is called Vygie Street, Journal of the Fresh Fruit Fan Club. It doesn't market the salad bar per se, but rather the things the salads are made of: raw fruit and vegetables. 

The Vygie Street is about raising awareness of the value of fresh fruit, fruiting or edible plants in our environment, and sane eating practices. Not just our physical health but our mental and spiritual condition has everything to do with that sacred portal, the mouth, and what we put into it. 

Each issue features:

  • a Fruit of the Month
  • a Recipe of the Month
  • Fruit around Town - a photograph of a local, public currently fruiting plant, along with some information about it
  • Future Fruit - a look at what is in the local nurseries, or what to plant now, how to propogate fruiting plants
  • Fruit Forecast - a run down of what's coming and what's going at the change of each season
  • a Feature Article - to do with sane eating practices
  • a Book Review - usually complements the Article
  • Leaves to Love - explores a different leaf in each issue

People often ask, "Why the name Vygie Street"

A Vygie is a humble groundcover plant which grows wild over much of Africa. It is free and natural, has never been hybridised, genetically modified or sprayed. For several months over the summer it constantly gives succulent, juicy ripe fruit, awaiting the attention of passersby. The only ones available to be bought being horrible dried ones that its a wonder anyone wants.

A Vygie represents freedom and sanity: food in our natural environment that we don't need to buy or earn. If all food was as freely and naturally available as the Vygie, this would be a different world. Indeed, another paradigm altogether.

The name implies a road, a path, and a place of specialisation

It geographyically situated in the greenbelt between Onrus and Sandbaai, here at the tip of Africa.