The WE was now two fervent raw food aficionados  and in the interim our style had changed from Pint of Life salads in containers, to an open buffet spread - all thanks to me mum who pointed out what we had been advised to do all along: open salads look much nicer than packaged ones.

And self service is much more fun than buying half a litre of one thing, looking all sterile and unreachable, as if behind glass.

These big changes, along with the captive audience at the expo - we were the only ones doing food, and as it was a festival with a spiritual focus, hopefully the crowd would be one who apply spirituality to their plate.. surely we were going to shine?

The crowd turned out to not be  such a throng, possibly people were deterred by the expensive entrance fee, but the stall holders themselves needed to eat and some of the public must have jumped the fence, because we sold more than 60 containers of salad!

Here is some hot footage before lunch time happened and the bowls emptied:

And here is the conclusion: (uploading final video)

We had a good day, met people, chatted loads about a topic friends and family are long bored of, and actually took home some money in our pockets - to be invested in the next adventure...

Yes, we considering a return to the Hermanus Country Market with the new format, just to try one more time to introduce the world to a new way of life... to health, freedom and joy... to raw living foods.